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Why Create a Training Survey with SurveySlack?

Get training feedback easily. Use SurveySlack to collect feedback right where your team chats. This will boost response rates and give you valuable insights to improve future training programs.

Measure Learning and Engagement

Measure Learning and Engagement

Identify Training Gaps

Identify Training Gaps

Actionable insight

Actionable Insights


Boost Training ROI

How to Create a Training Satisfaction Survey

Craft your ideal Training Satisfaction Survey with SurveySlack. Learn how to measure engagement, assess knowledge gain, and boost training effectiveness.

Create Your Findings

Create Your Findings

Make surveys fast & easy. Choose clear questions, customize the look, and get the insights you need.
Gather Feedback

Gather Feedback

Doubt free surveys sharing. Wherever you want. Reach the right people. Get more responses.
Uncover Your Data

Uncover Your Data

See insights effortlessly. Understand data easily. Find trends and why things happen.

Things to Remember While Creating Your Training Online Surveys

Creating effective training sessions is an art. We at Surveyslack can understand what you are aiming for. You want to gather valuable feedback to improve your training programs. But with so many things to consider, from where do you begin? Don't worry, we've got you covered.


Perfectly Set Your Training Goals

Before training, ask what are the specific objectives of your training program.


Target the Right Audience

Who are you surveying? Are they trainees, instructors, or both?


Craft Clear and Concise Questions

Clarity is key. Avoid jargon and technical terms trainees may not know


Mix Up Your Question Types

Variety keeps it engaging. Consider using a mix of question formats.


Completion Rates

Keep it short and sweet. No one enjoys lengthy surveys. Ask useful questions.


Guarantee Anonymity

Anonymity encourages participants to provide truthful feedback.


Go Beyond Numbers

Data shows a clear picture of trainee experiences and identifies recurring themes.


Take Action

Use survey results to improve the training experience.

Don't Get Stop

Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-surveys before learning show what you already know and what you want to learn. While post-Surveys after learning show how much you learned and if you enjoyed it.

Content relevance, delivery effectiveness, and participant engagement.

Keep it concise (5-10 minutes) to ensure high completion rates.

Use clear, concise language, avoid jargon, and offer a mix of question formats.

Identify areas for improvement, tailor content to needs, and demonstrate the program's value.

Frequently asked questions

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