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Make impactful polls with SurveySlack. The easy-to-use platform helps turn your tough questions into clear surveys. Get valuable answers with engaging surveys you build. Take better decisions with the insights our platform.

Why Create an Online Poll with SurveySlack

Surveyslack is a user-friendly free poll creator or poll maker for classrooms, teachers & businesses. Get clear results with the engaging poll, easy to create. Make better decisions based on what people think.

Boost participant

Boost Engagement

Real time feedback

Real-Time Feedback


Flexibility and Customization

How to Create an Online Poll

SurveySlack makes creating online polls easy with just a few steps. Write your questions, pick answer choices, and share polls instantly. Get results and use the data to make decisions.

Craft your questions

Create Your Questions

Turn your questions into polls. Easy choices, perfect results.
Share your poll

Share Your Poll

Share your poll for feedback on social media, email, or your website.
Real time results

Real-Time Results

See poll results instantly and learn what your audience thinks.

Things to Remember While Creating Your Poll

Make perfect polls easily with the right online poll tool. Get powerful features to boost your surveys and see results instantly. Surveyslack offers a Free, all-in-one tool to build, share, and analyze polls in a snap with the best poll maker.


Define Your Goals

Defining your goals can easily give you better results.


Know Your Audience

Identifying your audience can provide specific understanding of your poll.


Ask a Focused Question

Keep it clear, concise, and specific to what you want to learn.


Offer Clear Choices

Keep options clear and distinct. Make sure options are easy to choose from.


Balance the Options

Don't ask too many & much questions. You can miss info or overwhelm people.


Consider Visual Format

Pictures and charts catch your eye and explain hard things better.


Keep Anonymity

Anonymity is necessary for a user to give proper feedback.


Test Before Sharing

Ensure the question and answer options are functioning as intended.

Don't Get Stop

Frequently Asked Questions

Clear, short questions with balanced choices bring the best results. Include "other" for surprises.

Pick your question type! Multiple choice, ranking, or open answer - Poll Maker has it all.

You can control who sees your poll with passwords or share links with specific people.

Make your poll pop with pictures, colors, and a catchy title to get more people to answer.

Poll Maker helps you go deeper than just yes/no. Uncover trends, see who voted what, and share results clearly.

Frequently asked questions

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